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Reduce cost, survive and develop to ensure the sustainable development of enterprises

  • Time of issue:2019-12-21 13:59

(Summary description)In the face of the global economic contraction, the current severe economic situation, and fierce market competition

Reduce cost, survive and develop to ensure the sustainable development of enterprises

(Summary description)In the face of the global economic contraction, the current severe economic situation, and fierce market competition

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  • Time of issue:2019-12-21 13:59
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In the face of the global economic contraction, the current severe economic situation, and fierce market competition, many developing enterprises are pushed to the forefront of the wave. Only by working hard and deepening cost management can enterprises survive and develop, or they will face the danger of being eliminated.
In 2014, the company bucked the trend and achieved an output value of 459 million yuan in the previous year, and achieved good results. In 2015, the company set an output value target of 500 million yuan. In the face of the company's gratifying situation, chairman Shen Peiliang did not blindly optimistic, but calmly and judiciously put forward clear requirements for the work tasks of the whole year: in the fierce market competition environment, especially in the same industry with strong competitors (all state-owned large-scale enterprises), solid strength, so we should develop our own marketing ideas: products you have me also have, your quality Good but my quality is better. You are cheaper and I am cheaper than you (which requires us to have excellent internal skill to control costs). You have good service, and I am more comprehensive than you, and I can make customers truly satisfied. To implement the "differentiated marketing idea" in the whole company, we must reduce and control the cost management to the best effect with high-end products and high-quality services, so as to ensure that our company plays a leading role in the upstream customer supply chain, and at the same time, we have assigned the annual specific target and task of cost reduction.
In order to fully complete the target task of cost reduction in the whole year, Fu Nengwu, general manager of the company, called the management level to hold meetings for many times to discuss and plan, put forward that if the company wants to obtain the strategic cost advantage, cost management must infuse the concept of strategic thinking, and try to find the way of cost reduction. The financial department took the lead to decompose the tasks of various indicators, requiring the whole company to start from its own angle To tap the potential of innovation, energy saving and consumption reduction. From the purchase link to the process flow to the production process control, as well as the company's all levels of comprehensive implementation of cost control management, the formation of cost management network, strictly in accordance with the budget indicators to complete the task. All units have formulated specific cost saving measures around this target task.
Specific ways:
1、 Improve the management awareness of leaders and employees
In various meetings, the cruelty of market competition has been repeatedly emphasized, the importance of reducing enterprise cost has been publicized and implemented, and it has been put forward that only by everyone's joint efforts to reduce and control the cost can the enterprise survive, so that the idea of reducing enterprise cost takes root in the whole company's employees, forming a situation where everyone cares about the cost and pays attention to the cost everywhere.    
2、 Establish and improve the scientific cost management system of enterprises    
The establishment and function of scientific enterprise cost management system make the enterprise enter into a virtuous circle. It is a gradual process to strengthen the construction of cost systematization. On the one hand, it is necessary to improve the information level of cost management, carry out ERP planning, implement in stages, establish a highly shared basic data platform, and realize resource sharing; on the other hand, it is necessary to program the cost accounting software and optimize the "UFIDA" software supply chain system; on the other hand, it is necessary to start the material coding management system and standardize the management of materials Manage and strengthen warehouse management.            
3、 Make a multi link cost reduction index budget and issue cost assessment index     
Around the target task of annual cost reduction, clearly assign the task indicators of energy conservation and    consumption reduction to the Department Principal.           
The cost indicators are broken down in the following links: financial expenses are reduced by 8% on the basis of 2014; at the same time, they are respectively in the purchase link; in the process flow and equipment maintenance link; in the production process control link; in the human resources link; the person in charge of each branch line is the person in charge of cost reduction.
4、 In order to ensure the completion of the annual cost management objectives, each department must formulate specific and feasible cost reduction plans.    
(1) Strictly control purchase cost, analyze supply market and adjust purchase strategy         
1. In terms of purchase plan: according to the sales order, use scientific decision-making analysis method, purchase raw materials accurately / timely according to the sales contract, prevent the overstock or shutdown of raw materials, so as to save the cost of capital;   
2. Supplier management: select appropriate suppliers, make full use of the advantages of our company's annual planned procurement volume, gradually eliminate intermediate suppliers, promote direct supply system, introduce competition mechanism, develop new suppliers, stabilize old suppliers, establish long-term cooperation relationship based on long-term development, and ensure the reduction of procurement cost;
3. Establish purchasing responsibility system, strengthen the responsibility consciousness of purchasing personnel and price reviewers;         
4. To rectify the purchase price of auxiliary materials and sporadic materials, the purchase price should be gradually reduced on the basis of the previous purchase price.   
(2) Strictly control the operation cost of enterprises in the production link and reduce the production cost
1. Put an end to waste in all production processes, such as waste of gas, waste of processing, waste of transportation, waste of cutting tools, waste of time, etc;
2. Control the loss in production and operation         
Strengthening production organization, quality process management, safety and site management, constantly reducing the loss of production and operation, reducing quality loss, reducing the occurrence of safety accidents, is also an effective way to reduce product cost;
3. Cost management of outsourcing            
First, expand the company's production capacity as much as possible and reduce the quantity of outsourcing processing; second, select appropriate outsourcing processors to localize the outsourcing processing as much as possible and reduce the transportation expenses; third, rectify the outsourcing processing price and gradually reduce the price on the original basis;       
4. While ensuring the production needs, pay attention to the nesting material cutting; in the aspect of material requisition, strictly control  

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